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City Hall expected to cost $27 million

City Council approves latest project contract for nearly $1.4 million

Cirtrus Center will be the future home of the Redlands City Hall. Photo: Shutterstock

REDLANDS, Calif. – Redlands City Council moves forward with plans for a new City Hall on State Street. On Tuesday, Sept. 19, the Redlands City Council approved a nearly $1.4 million contract with local architectural firm Miller Architectural Corporation for design and construction services for the project.

Why it matters: According to Miller Architectural President Gary Miller, the architectural design agreement, not to exceed $1,368,578, brings the total budget for redesign and construction to about $11 million.

"I want to caution the council that construction costs are still fluctuating quite a bit, so these figures may change," said Assistant City Manager Chris Boatman at the City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The city spent $16 million to purchase Citrus Center, located at 300 State Street, in October 2021. Acquisition plus the cost of renovations brings the projected project total to around $27 million.

Details: Miller unveiled the new city hall's initial design concepts and construction timeline during the council meeting. The scope of the new city hall's design encompasses a range of renovations and structural updates, including:

  • Tenant relocation
  • Addressing deferred maintenance, such as air conditioning and roofing
  • Structural enhancements to make the building more earthquake-safe
  • Technological upgrades

According to preliminary design plans, the building will include ground floor space for state-of-the-art Council Chambers and easy access to customer service.

"We want to make people feel like it's a hospitable place to be and welcome the community," said Miller.

Miller also explained plans to take advantage of the plaza area to make it a community space and reflect the city's mission to be sustainable and inclusive.

The offices of the City Council, the city manager, and the city attorney are already located in the new building. City officials say floors two through six will eventually house city departments and tenants. One floor will be entirely occupied by various tenants paying market rates.

Schedule: According to Miller, the design and construction documents would be completed in 2024, with bidding in early 2025. Construction is expected to be completed in 2026.

Moving Forward: Mayor Pro Tem Paul Barich raised apprehensions about controlling construction costs, highlighting past instances where project expenses had spiraled beyond initial estimates.

Boatman reassured the council, emphasizing, "We have control over the scope and the budget. So as we go through this process, we will solidify the budget."

The City Council will be updated as the project progresses.