Redlands Election - UPDATED Final Results

Measures F & J, City Council and School Board - Official Results Updated December 8, 2022

Redlands Election - UPDATED Final Results

This post will be updated on Substack as results are released from the San Bernardino County registrar of voters.

REDLANDS, CA — Here’s a look at local races and ballot measures from the Nov 8 2022 election.

You can view the full election results here: San Bernardino County Election Results

Local Ballot Measures F and J

Voters in Redlands rejected a new limit on downtown building height and favor an increased tax on distribution warehouses.

Measure F - An attempt to limit building height in downtown Redlands is officially defeated by voters. More than 22,000 votes were cast with 62% of voters rejecting the measure. What it means: All current zoning and development rules remain in place. According to City officials, the University Village project can still move forward through an exception from Measure U allowing 4-story buildings near transit areas. Read more about this measure here.

Measure J - Voters favor a tax increase on distribution warehouses. 53% of voters accepted a measure to increase warehouse tax by 10 cents. What it means: This change in rate will result in about $530,000 in annual revenue for the general fund. While proponents of this measure intend the money to be used to offset the local negative environmental and social impacts of distribution centers, there’s no guarantee the money will be used that way. Mayor Pro Tem Eddie Tejeda has proposed using the funds to expand and maintain the City’s street trees or fund ideas from the local Climate Policy Committee.

City Council - Official Election Results

District 1

Councilmember Denise Davis wins reelection in District 1 with the final count more than 900 votes ahead of her closest opponent.

Denise Davis - 53.45% (1,875)

Tom Berg - 26.71% (937)

Rodgir Cohen - 9.04% (317)

Andy Hoder - 10.80% (379)

District 3

Mario Saucedo beat his opponent Mike Saifie for the new district 3 City Council seat gaining 57% of the vote.

Mario Saucedo 57.57% (2,296)

Mike Saifie - 42.43% (1,692)

District 5

Paul Barich wins the election for District 5 City Council with 98% percent of the vote.

Paul Barich - 98.08% (5,353)

Write in Candidate Richard O’Donnell - 1.92% (105)

Redlands Unified School Board, Trustee Area 1

Patty Holohan wins reelection to the Redlands School Board with 5,371 votes. The final count puts her more than 2,000 votes ahead of her closest opponent, Erin Stepien.

Patty Holohan - 53.45% (5,371)

Victoria Ogunrinu - 15.32% (1,540)

Erin Stepien - 31.23% (3,138)

View complete county election results here:

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