Redlands Conservancy receives $250,000 gift, seeks matching donations

Plans to establish long-term investment strategy for local land conservation

Redlands Conservancy receives $250,000 gift, seeks matching donations
Live Oak Canyon is land owned by the city of Redlands and managed by the Redlands Conservancy. (Photo: Stephanie Hastings Miranda, Community Forward Redlands.)

REDLANDS, Calif. – The Redlands Conservancy announced its first-ever donation match challenge campaign after receiving a $250,000 gift from a major donor.

Why it matters: The success of the matching challenge would put the conservancy on a path to establishing long-term sustainability and closer to its goal of acquiring more open space.

Details: At the end of 2023, the Redlands Conservancy was challenged to see if individual donors could match the amount, according to Sherli Leonard, executive director of the Redlands Conservancy.

"A large portion of the gift will be used to establish a long-term investment strategy to begin the process of ensuring that Redlands Conservancy will exist and thrive well into the 22nd century and beyond," said Leonard.

The Redlands Conservancy has spearheaded significant projects aimed at preserving both the built and open spaces within Redlands. The organization prioritizes the protection of Redlands' open spaces and historic landmarks, striving to fulfill its mission of preserving, educating, and enhancing the community. Key programs include Sunday FunDays, Outdoor Ambassadors, Adaptive Reuse, the development of the Emerald Necklace Trail and Scenic Route, and the Historic Preservation Fortnight. These efforts celebrate and safeguard what makes Redlands unique and valuable.

In addition, the conservancy is responsible for managing 450 acres of undeveloped land in Live Oak Canyon and San Timoteo Canyon. The land was purchased by the city of Redlands.

In the next 5-10 years, the Conservancy has the goal of acquiring as much open space as possible, according to Leonard.

"We have to rely on people making donations and gifts for us to make that purchase. It's important to get open space because once it's used up, it's gone," said Leonard.

Moving Forward: Those interested in supporting the Redlands Conservancy donation match challenge can make a direct donation online or mail a check to Redlands Conservancy, PO Box 855, Redlands 92373, according to Leonard.

Additionally, the Conservancy recently announced its new season of Parties for the Necklace events. The unique events raise funds to bolster preservation efforts for Redlands' natural and agricultural landscapes. These events are scheduled year-round and feature diverse venues such as historic residences, the Museum of San Bernardino County, and unique locations along Redlands' Emerald Necklace. Several occasions even included special hosts, such as astronomers and archaeologists, adding an enriching dimension to the experience.

Space is limited for each event. To register, visit the link below.

2024 Parties for the Necklace Collection |
New Season, New Parties! Download the 2024 Catalog Here Party #1: Moonshine and Wine - March 16Since 2009, Parties for the Necklace has offered Starshine and Wine, a star-gazing with amateur astronomer Jim Sommer, paired with tastings of fine wines. This year’s offering borrows from that party, with a focus on the moon; guests will

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