Latest on 95ft In-N-Out sign, RUSD responds to Civil Rights investigation, Funding to fight fruit flies

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95-foot In-N-Out sign to be considered by Redlands City Council

Changes to the sign code to allow freeway-oriented signs at Tennessee Street and Lugonia Avenue will also be considered. 

REDLANDS, Calif. – Redlands City Council will consider changes to the city's sign code to allow for a 95-foot In-N-Out Burger sign at the Tennessee exit of the 210 freeway during its next meeting on Tuesday, May 7. 

Why it matters: If the City Council approves, the sign will be the third-tallest in the city. But first, the Council will need to amend the Redlands municipal code to make the site of the drive-thru restaurant eligible for a freeway-oriented sign. Eight additional parcels would be allowed freeway-oriented signs under the proposed code changes. 

Details of code amendment:  The code amendment would update the sign code map by adding new areas near the intersection of Tennessee Street Exit and Lugonia Avenue as eligible for freeway-oriented signs. It would also remove properties in Citrus Plaza that are not within the city limits. 

Read more about the code amendment and the details behind the permit request for the In-N-Out sign.

95-foot In-N-Out sign to be considered by Redlands City Council
Changes to the sign code to allow freeway-oriented signs at Tennessee Street and Lugonia Avenue will also be considered.


🔌 Rethinking requirements for undergrounding utilities: The City of Redlands is considering changing the city code to make new exceptions for certain developers to avoid burying underground utility lines. The code amendment would also modify how the fee in place of undergrounding is calculated to cover the cost of future undergrounding projects. Read more about the benefits of undergrounding and what led up to the proposed changes here.

New exemptions proposed for undergrounding utilities
Proposed code revisions follow concerns raised by the Planning Commission over waivers and in-lieu fees

⚖️ School District Responds to Civil Rights Resolution: Redlands Unified has entered into a resolution agreement with the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to address concerns that the district inadequately responded to reports of sexual misconduct. The agreement was announced on April 25 following an investigation that revealed multiple violations of Title IX, during the review of three school years between 2017-18 to 2019-2020. Following news of the resolution, Superintendent Juan Cabral outlined the safety measures that have already been implemented in a letter to families and community members on May 2. Read more about the investigation and the district's response here.

Redlands Unified agrees to reform how it addresses sexual harassment concerns following federal review
Superintendent Cabral outlines progress in letter to families and community members

🍊 Funding to fight fruit flies: Governor Gavin Newsom took action this past April to address the state’s fruit fly infestation by signing legislation that would provide $22.1 million to address the issue. ⁠Over 554 square miles in San Bernardino and Riverside County alone have been quarantined to contain the spread of this harmful pest. The quarantine has devastated local farmers, who cannot sell or remove infected produce from their property.⁠ Many Redlands properties have also undergone mandatory fruit removal to help control the infestation. ⁠

Governor Newsom approves $22.1 million in funding to address fruit fly infestations across California
Fruit fly infestations have hit California particularly hard this year, with Redlands among the most affected areas.

🚴‍♂️ May is National Bicycle Safety Month: May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and the Redlands Police Department reminds drivers to share the road and offers tips for biking safely. To help keep people safe while biking or walking, the Redlands Police Department will conduct a traffic safety operation in May focused on driver behaviors that put bicyclists and pedestrians at risk. ⁠The operation follows an increase in the number of bicyclists killed and injured while riding bikes in recent years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.⁠ Read more about what Redlands PD will be looking for.

Reminder to share the road during National Bicycle Safety Month
Redlands Police to conduct bike and pedestrian traffic safety operation in May


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