New exemptions proposed for undergrounding utilities

Proposed code revisions follow concerns raised by the Planning Commission over waivers and in-lieu fees

New exemptions proposed for undergrounding utilities
Photo by Johannes Weckström / Unsplash

UPDATE 5/7: Redlands City Council approves code amendments to exempt some developers from utility undergrounding requirements, including affordable housing developers and smaller developments, in a 4-0 vote. Mayor Pro Tem Paul Barich was absent.

REDLANDS, Calif. – The City of Redlands is considering changing the city code to make new exceptions for certain developers to avoid burying underground utility lines. The code amendment would also modify how the fee in place of undergrounding is calculated.

Why it matters: Undergrounding utilities can improve property values and aesthetics, increase reliability and harden infrastructure against wildfire risk.  The proposed revisions include new automatic exemptions to the undergrounding requirement for affordable housing developers and developers of small projects. 

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