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Building community through in-depth reporting on local government and education in Redlands.

This is Community Forward Redlands, an independent, non-partisan newsletter reporting about government and education in Redlands. We’re here because…

Local public policy matters. It's at the community level where the impacts of education, environment and housing policy are most directly felt. It's also where the best solutions can arise. Community Forward Redlands delivers local news and analysis to your inbox so you can make an impact.

Community journalism matters. Knowing what's going on is an essential first step toward getting involved. Community Forward Redlands takes a deeper dive into the stories that matter most so you can feel ready to take your concerns to city hall.

Understanding data matters. Making sense of the impact of national, state, and local policies through data-driven reporting. A clear picture of where the community stands when it comes to access to housing, healthcare, transportation, technology, and education is often the first step in finding solutions to today's biggest community challenges.


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