City of Redlands settles lawsuit over controversial 2020 traffic stop

City of Redlands settles lawsuit over controversial 2020 traffic stop
Photo by Scott Rodgerson / Unsplash

REDLANDS, Calif. - The City of Redlands will pay $20,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by Stanley Claiborne over a traffic stop in 2020.

Clairborne was pulled over by Redlands Police in front of his house on July 27, 2020, for a broken taillight and tinted windows. During the exchange with officers, Clairborne recorded a police officer attempting to pull him out of his vehicle.

"If you don't get out of the car, I'm gonna pull you out," an officer can be heard saying in the video. The video shows a police officer holding Clairborne by the wrist and trying to grab his hair.

According to a report by CBS News at the time, Claiborne said he did not understand why officers were forcing him out of his car.

The video sparked protests outside the Redlands Police Department in the days following the incident.

In July 2022, Claiborne filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Redlands. A settlement was reached in July 2023. According to the settlement terms, the city of Redlands admits no wrongdoing, and both parties agree to avoid litigation.

On Tuesday, September 19, the City Council is expected to formally accept the settlement.

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