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Bringing solutions-oriented local journalism to Redlands

To all our readers,

Community Forward Redlands is our way of sharing stories, reporting, and analysis through the lens of local action. We want to tell stories that empower the community and support civic engagement. We believe that when stories reveal genuine care for our community and a desire to understand before acting, our city's issues become not simply challenges but opportunities to move our community forward.

Our goal is to provide a weekly newsletter covering social, environmental, and political topics in Redlands. We do not aspire to cover all local news or all topics. Rather, we hope to dive deep into topics that are both timely and impactful to our city with an approach that amplifies voices in our community, leverages data to provide context and shares insights that can guide solutions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the stories over the last eight weeks that have taken a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities facing our community.

There are many ways to support the continued work of Community Forward Redlands.

First and foremost is to subscribe to our Substack and follow on Instagram to share feedback, perspective, and ideas. Contributions from residents, as well as city and organization leaders, have and will continue to help develop the voice, storytelling, and topics of our newsletter.

Second, share with others in our community. We have had tremendous growth through community organizations and residents sharing posts and forwarding emails.

And lastly, we are opening options for financial support. Access to information for the whole community is a priority, and Community Forward Redlands will remain a free subscription.

For those wanting to support financially, there are additional subscription and donation options now available on substack:

  • Free subscription - full newsletter access with only an email
  • $5/month or $50/year subscription - for those wishing to provide ongoing support
  • $150 founders donation or other one-time donation, for those wishing to help accelerate our growth

Emails are used for the sole purpose of distributing the newsletter and understanding our engagement. Emails will not be shared for any other purpose. Financial support is used to produce and enrich our stories leveraging reliable data, services, and technology and to support myself and hopefully a growing team of individuals in providing community news.

However you choose to support, I am tremendously grateful and I hope that our work can do a small part in driving our community forward.


Stephanie Hastings-Miranda
Founder and Journalist, Community Forward Redlands

Community Forward Redlands is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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