Rattlesnake warning in Live Oak Canyon

Redlands Conservancy is warning hikers to leash dogs and watch out for snakes

Rattlesnake warning in Live Oak Canyon
Rattlesnake in San Timoteo Canyon, (Photo Courtesy: Redlands Conservancy Outdoor Ambassador)

REDLANDS, Calif. -- Rattlesnake season has just begun and residents in Live Oak Canyon have already spotted three large black rattlesnakes, according to the Redlands Conservancy.

While there have been no reports of rattlesnakes on the trails, the Redlands Conservancy warns hikers to be on the lookout.

"Hikers can be alert to the rattlesnakes' rattle, and stay on the trail," wrote Sherli Leonard in an email to Community Forward Redlands. "Never walk through tall grass. We work to keep the trail shoulders mowed so snakes won't hide next to the trail."

Leonard also advises hikers to wear boots that cover their ankles and wear long pants.

In the early spring, rattlesnakes are particularly unfriendly as they come out of hibernation and seek a mate, according to Leonard.

Since rattlesnake bites can be deadly to dogs it is important to keep them leashed when on the trails and consider getting a rattlesnake vaccine.

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