Police warn of organized burglary group targeting Redlands

Rise in residential burglaries in recent weeks

Police warn of organized burglary group targeting Redlands
A recent string of residential burglaries in Redlands police say are connected to organized crime group. (Photo: Home surveillance video from Redlands Police Department)

REDLANDS, Calif. — The Redlands Police Department has issued a warning following a surge in residential burglaries across the city in the past two weeks.

On Tuesday, the Redlands Police Department released a home surveillance video showing three suspects lingering outside a home before breaking a glass door and entering.


Video surveillance footage released by Redlands Police Department on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

This is one of a string of recent burglaries police believe are connected to the organized crime group called South American Theft Groups (SATG's). Also known as "crime tourist," the group is suspected of committing hundreds of burglaries across Southern California.

Law enforcement has noted a pattern of break-ins targeting homes during the late afternoon and early evening hours, mainly between 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Many of the targeted residences are next to open lots, trails, and hillsides, making them vulnerable to intrusion.

Police say suspects entered through rear doors, either by smashing windows or forcefully kicking doors open. The suspects are believed to operate in groups, often with a lookout waiting in a vehicle nearby. Suspects have been known to disguise themselves with construction vests or carry construction equipment to blend in, according to police. 

In the past 15 days, residential burglaries in Redlands have spiked by 83%, according to police data from CrimeMapping.com. South Redlands neighborhoods have borne the brunt, with 7 out of 11 recent burglaries reported there, mostly occurring between Feb. 3-5. This marks a significant increase from the six burglaries reported citywide in the preceding weeks.

Residents are urged to report suspicious activity to the Redlands Police Department Dispatch Center at 909.798.7681.

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