Distribution warehouse permit back before Redlands Planning Commission

The Commission will consider a request from Prologis for time to "undertake comprehensive revision" of the proposed Tennessee Street warehouse, Tuesday, May 14

Distribution warehouse permit back before Redlands Planning Commission
A former La-Z-Boy manufacturing facility at 301 Tennessee Street, now owned by Prologis Inc., is the site of a proposed 197,000-square-foot distribution warehouse. (Photo: Community Forward Redlands)

REDLANDS, Calif. – The future of a proposed Prologis Inc. distribution warehouse development on Tennessee Street in Redlands remains uncertain, despite multiple commissioners' expressed intent to deny the project at the last meeting. 

Following a two-and-a-half-hour public hearing for the project on Tuesday, April 23, the Redlands Planning Commission expressed its intent to deny the nearly 200,000-square-foot distribution warehouse. Commissioners asked city staff to prepare a resolution for denial for the May 14 meeting. 

On May 9, the developer sent a letter to the city of Redlands asking to postpone the review process to "take both the Commission's remarks and the public comment into consideration and present a revised proposal."

Why it matters: Plans for the distribution warehouse, just a few hundred feet from local schools and positioned near two busy intersections, were halted after commissioners and the public questioned the project's impact on traffic, air quality and aesthetics. Now, the Commission is being asked to consider postponing the review process to give the developer time to revise their development.

Details: In the letter, Prologis director of development Nicole Torstvet requested that the review process be tabled for six months so they could "undertake comprehensive revisions."

"During this time, we plan to engage with city staff, community stakeholders, and experts to address the issues that were raised," writes Torstvet. 

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